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Ask According to His Will

In 1John 5:14-15 the writer says, "This is the confidence that we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us…we know that we have the requests which we have asked of Him." The operative phrase in this passage is, "according to His will".

Years ago, when Cynthia and I would take the family out to dinner, I was always amused at how the younger children would have no clue as to what was on the menu. So, if we were at Outback Steakhouse they would with confidence order a "Happy Meal". We, to their dismay would tell them, "Happy Meals are not on the menu here."

There is a certain way God wants us to pray: "according to His will". When we "request" something "outside" those parameters we often get rebuffed because His restaurant doesn’t offer that. There really is a way to order His purposes into our lives. The good thing is if we submit to the “menu list”, one meal might become an all you can eat buffet! Live right, live well…

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The Promised Land

At the conclusion of Genesis 47, Jacob is near the end of his days.  One of his last requests was that Joseph his son take his body from Egypt and bury him in the land of promise.  To reassure his own soul, he makes Joseph doubly promise that he will do what he requested.

If Joseph’s life is a shadow of Christ’s ministry, then Jacob’s request is not much different than our own.  Before our time on earth is done, don’t we want assurance from God that he is going to take us out of the world and place us in our proper eternal home?

According to Hebrews 6:18 God has doubly promised as well that by two unchangeable things – in which it is impossible for him to lie, we will be taken from this earth and delivered to our heavenly promised land. Jacob was so comforted by this assurance that it says that he bowed and worshipped.  May the comfort which comes from knowing that heaven is ours - cause us to do the same. Live right, live well…

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