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The Key to Wisdom

In Proverbs 17:24 Solomon says, “Wisdom is in the presence of the one who has understanding but the eyes of the fool are on the ends of the earth.”  Understanding comes from the ability to take separate pieces of knowledge and cogently gather them together so that one may now say – “Oh! I understand.” Wisdom is the evidence of good decision making.

Gathering and coalescing knowledge is hard work. One must read, be taught and study. However, once understanding is gained, the wisdom necessary to make great decisions will never be far away. In contrast, if the effort to gain understanding is not exerted, a person could search to the ends of the earth and still not find a good decision. Today, in all of your getting, get understanding. Live right, live well…

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Love Never Fails

In 1Cor 13 Paul talks about love. In summary, he says it never falters and that it’s greater than hope or faith. Love succeeds in at least three respects:

  1. It never gives up on the target of its affection
  2. It never malfunctions
  3. It always accomplishes its mission

Love transcends the two doctrinal giants of faith and hope because of its enduring value.

When we pass from this earth, faith and hope will lose their relevance; for in heaven we will see and experience that for which our faith and hope have been employed (Rom 8:24). Thus, the need for God to continue to extend those benefits will have passed. However, love represents the relational commitment He has made to us which will never cease. This is why love is the greatest.

While here, if you ever find your faith waning, remind yourself of how much God has proven He loves you. And if your hope that life can be better grows dim, let God’s unconditional commitment to your well being refresh your view of tomorrow.  Live right, live well…

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