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The True Cost of Negotiating with the Enemy

by Brett Fuller on November 16, 2020

The enemy never has enough. In 1Kings 20:1-8 Ahab, the king of Israel negotiated a settlement with Ben-Hadad king of Aram in which he gave him Samaria's silver & gold, their most beautiful wives and the most promising children. Believing he had saved his city from certain destruction; Ahab relaxes only to receive word that Ben-hadad has changed his mind and now wants everything.

When we reduce our authoritative relationship over the enemy to a negotiated settlement, there is no stopping him. He bogarts on "yield" signs. He never gives the "right of way" and he plows through "red lights" as if they were green.  He's a lying thief by nature and must be treated as such. He has an insatiable hunger for dominance and if we let him take up residence in any part of our life, he will prove to be an inhospitable sprawling squatter who claims our house as his own.

We must give him nothing and we must not allow our tendency to sin, yield a negotiated surrender. So, this week, fight the small battles and watch how your victory shields you from having to fight the big ones. Live right, live well…