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The Importance of Relationship

by Brett Fuller on January 21, 2019

In Exodus 33:15, Moses responds to God's unwillingness to abide with Israel. He says, "If Your presence does not go with us, do not lead us up from here."

The people of Israel had just been delivered from Egypt and they were on the verge of entering their, "promise land." The problem: their continual disobedience offended God to such an extent that He was unwilling to accompany them. Though His presence would not go along, God dispatched an angel to accompany them for both protection and to ensure a modicum of success in warfare.

Moses would have none of it. Success & goal acquisition, without relationship, meant very little to him. In this case, a gift without the presence of the Giver wasn't worth receiving.

In life's journey, who you bring with you is of equal if not greater importance than, "arriving!" So, at regular intervals, take a look around and make sure you haven't forgotten anyone. Let value be added to your successful arrival by the accompaniment of those most dear. Live right, live well...