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The Bond of True Friendship

by Brett Fuller on December 17, 2018

In Luke 1 Mary, being pregnant with the Christ child, visits her relative Elizabeth. The angel has informed Mary that Elizabeth is with child by supernatural intervention just as she. This revelation of common experience bonds Mary to Elizabeth before they even greet. Still, the tie would grow, reciprocally strengthened by Elizabeth's response to Mary's, "hello".

Upon Mary's salutation, the child in Elizabeth's womb leaps for joy and she begins to prophesy about the baby Mary is carrying. Instantly a bond is formed which strengthens both of their resolve to endure the persecution of men & to train their children properly.

They say wealthy is the man who has one real friend. If so, Mary and Elizabeth deeply enriched one another's life. May God allow us to befriend the one who would make that which the Lord has inspired in us leap for joy. Live right, live well...