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Spiritual Refreshment & Direction  

by Brett Fuller on June 07, 2021

In Mark 14:12-16, Jesus was approaching Jerusalem for the last time. He instructed His disciples to go into the city and follow a guy who had a pitcher of water, for he would lead them to a place prepared for worship.

Now we love it when God prepares someone for us who has both spiritual refreshment and accurate spiritual directions. However, think about the guy to whom Christ directed His men. He was given no "heads-up" that the disciples were coming, yet he was both prepared to refresh and direct.

How often do we find ourselves (without an appointment) carrying the water of life and prepared to dispense refreshment? Or, how often are we (again without an appointment) aware that we might be used to direct folks who don't know where to go? Since you never know when God might send someone to you who is both thirsty and lost, live prepared, live right and live well...