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Recapturing Your Destiny 

by Brett Fuller on May 03, 2021

In Genesis 30 Jacob was in exile, sojourning with his uncle Laban in the land of Paddan-aram. His former home was the promised land. After many years of barrenness, his wife Rachel delivered her first son to Joseph. Finally, his dream nuclear family had become a reality.

The birth of this son Joseph stirred the juices of destiny within. Jacob turned entrepreneurial and became reminded of the land of his inheritance, allowing God to hit the "refresh" button on the covenant. All of this resulted in a recapturing of the purpose for which he had been born.            

Destiny is a concept with sketchy instructions but for which much "assembly is required". Difficulty notwithstanding, everyone senses value in trying to construct their lives according to a Master plan.

If, like Jacob, you find your destiny challenging to realize, begin by partnering with God in birthing some aspect of His where you are. Then watch how the desire to provide, and His reminders of calling and covenant inspire you to move one step closer toward your ultimate purpose. Live right, live well...