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Purpose, Parameters, & People

by Brett Fuller on August 30, 2021

Life can get pretty complicated. As we progress we accumulate stuff: work stuff, family stuff, church stuff, financial stuff. Our stuff can so populate that it feels like we are no longer managing it, but it is managing us.

When our stuff exceeds our capacity to steward, then proper management requires us to reduce that for which we have to care. The question then becomes, how do I know what to keep?

In Genesis 2:15-23, God hard wired some things into man's internal make-up. They are... 

  1. A sense of Purpose - What am I supposed to do?
  2. A sense of Parameters - What am I not supposed to do?
  3. A need for People - With whom am I called to do what I am supposed to do?

If you will keep your purpose, parameters and people before you, rather than your "stuff" threatening to manage you, you will better manage your "stuff". This should help you to live right and live well...