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Positive Impact Through Contact

by Brett Fuller on March 08, 2021

Matthew 14:35-36 states that Jesus' power flowed through His clothes in such a way that all who touched the fringe of His cloak were healed. Something similar also happened with Paul in Acts 19.   

Scripture seems to indicate that things which come in contact with the essence of a believer are able to be conductors of God's power. This was an added ministry benefit to be employed when the demand for the miraculous exceeded the minister's ability to give particular attention to the need.   

Question: Are the things which regularly come in contact with you able to pass-through biblical virtue? For example, does the administration of your business help change lives for the better? Or, when people come in contact with your family, are they positively impacted? When you leave an environment, does the residue of your presence still provide inspiration for those who remain?

Today, allow the power of God to not just flow to you but through you. Live right, live well...