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Persevering In Prayer

by Brett Fuller on September 14, 2020

Matthew 15:21-28 retells Jesus' dealings with a Syrophoenician woman whose ill daughter prompts her to come to Him for help. Christ, being on vacation, was unavailable and did not respond to her request. As her pleas become screams, the disciples urge Him to send her away. Desperate, she then breaks through their protective perimeter, throws herself at His feet and begs Him to heal her daughter. Finally, Jesus grants her request.

Sometimes God is silent when we pray, but that's not necessarily an indication we need to stop or that He's not listening. In fact, if we are praying according to His will, it's a signal that He wants us to get more than we are requesting. When we persevere in prayer, we gain patience, trust, spiritual fortitude & a sense of what it is like to partner with God in seeing something birthed in the earth. 

So, don't let God's silence cause you to quit praying. Instead, pray longer and harder knowing His lack of response is an indicator that there's more He wants to give you than just that for which you are asking. Live right, live well...