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Nourishment that Sustains 

by Brett Fuller on October 11, 2021

Hunger is the signal that our body needs "input" in order to be sustained at an optimal level. Matthew 19:16-22 retells the story of a young man's spiritual hunger. When he approached Christ, inquiring as to how he might satisfy his craving, Jesus' initial dietary suggestion did not suffice for he had already eaten that meal and was still hungry. Christ then said, if he wished to be "complete" or "full", he had to sell all he had and give the proceeds to the poor. At this suggestion, the young ruler went away dejected for he was unwilling to part with his riches.

How hungry are you? This wealthy young man was unwilling to digest the full will of God. He only wanted the appetizer. To be "complete" (mature, finished), our palates cannot afford to be selective. We must accept God's meal plan and learn to enjoy it. Those who "pick over" the food Christ sets on their plate will always find themselves as hungry leaving the table as when they came. Eat right, eat well...