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No Turning Back

by Brett Fuller on March 29, 2021

Our thought life often reveals where our opportunities lie. As Abraham was having difficulty with relational, agricultural & reproductive provision while sojourning in the promised land, Hebrews 11:15 says, "...indeed if (he) had been thinking of that country from which they went out, (he) would have had opportunity to return." Fortunately for us, his thoughts did not bend that way.

Obstacles notwithstanding, his ruminations were so kingdom oriented that he would not let himself entertain the possibility of returning home. Instead of allowing impediments to dim his view of God faithfulness, every disappointment became an opportunity to reconfirm the Lord's overcoming nature.

How do you view the obstacles to God’s will? Do they tend to tempt you to "return"? Or like Abraham, do you view them as just another means by which God will create the miraculous testimony that is becoming your life?

Today, give no thought to returning to that out of which God called you. Instead, watch Him make your life something worth writing about. Live right, live well...