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Joined Together by Design

by Brett Fuller on March 22, 2021

In Genesis 1, when God created the world, on most days He commented on His handiwork with an affirming, "...it was good".  The only day on which no such comment was made was day two. This day, verses 6-8 state He created the expanse called "sky or heaven" as He separated the waters above from the waters below. Could God's silence on this day be His built-in overarching sentiment on the separation of unified things?

Although there was obviously no ill intent, God may have embedded clues regarding His opinion on "division"- a kind of free tutorial without experiencing the pain of its reality. Seeing marriages, friends, organizations & churches once joined; torn apart for reasons too insignificant to justify the permanence or generational impact is a lesson that always charges too much tuition.

Let us hold together the things which are divinely designed to stay joined. If we do, His shout of, "Well done!" will leave no doubt as to His sentiment.  Live right, live well...