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God Inspired Courage

by Brett Fuller on May 27, 2019

Have you ever been asked to do the unreasonable? In 1 Samuel 14, Jonathan requested that his armor bearer go into battle with him against the Philistines. On the surface, it isn't unusual for wartime superior to ask a soldier for support in war. However, they were going by themselves; & 1 Samuel 13:22 clearly says the only ones in the nation who were armed were Jonathan and his father Saul. Yet, his armor bearer responded in 1 Samuel 14:7 saying, "Do all that is in your heart; extend yourself and know that I am with you for whatever you need." Quite a statement of courage from an unarmed man. But biblical history has proven that when an ill-equipped man has God inspired courage, he is very equipped.

Jonathan's request was unreasonable, yet faith supplied the necessary courage to complete the mission. In your life, what victory, wrapped in a God inspired unreasonable request, is waiting to be secured? Whatever it is, arm yourself with courage & go get it. Live right, live well...