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Finding Security In God's Plan

by Brett Fuller on March 31, 2019

In Acts 27-28, Paul is imprisoned aboard a merchant ship sailing for Rome. It was the time of the year when smooth sailing was hard to find on the Mediterranean.

Contrary winds drove the ship toward the island of Malta. As the rocks and waves destroyed the vessels, all aboard were cast into the sea. Their hope: wreckage upon which they could drift ashore. Once on shore, Paul's ministry to the inhabitants saw a people who were not intentionally targeted for the gospel, spiritually transformed.

Often, we find ourselves driven by forces beyond our control which cause us to say, "How & why did a sovereign God allow me to wind up here?" In God, misdirection is really redirection. Many times, contrary circumstances are God's steering wheel to get us pointed toward the center of His will.

So, let Paul's experience bolster your security in God's sovereign plan. If you will, then even your shipwrecks will provide you with the necessary debris to float to your islands of purpose. Live right, live well…