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Finding Security In God

by Brett Fuller on July 28, 2019

Leah was Jacob's wife-- though not his wife of choice but his wife through deceit. He was betrothed to Leah's younger sister, Rachel. Genesis 29 says he worked seven years as a dowry for her hand in marriage. On the wedding day, Laban (the father of both daughters) switched brides for he wanted Leah to marry first.

Jacob never loved Leah. He had seven children by her, but in his heart, she could not hold a candle to Rachel.

In Genesis 29:31-34 Leah’s rejection is evidenced by the names she bestows on her children all of which were the hopeful monikers of an unloved woman. Resolution finally comes upon the birth of her fourth child. No longer pining for her husband's love, but finding her security in God, she says in verse 35 , "...This time I will praise the LORD. Therefore she named him Judah."

Do you have rejection issues? Are you constantly hoping what you produce will make people love you? Open your heart to God for only He can love you as you need to be. Live right, live well...