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Fellowship with the Father

by Brett Fuller on January 07, 2019

Matt 14:23 says of Christ, "After He had sent the crowds away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray…" Jesus’ "going up" experiences were an important part of His ministry rhythm. Fellowship with the Father, reflection, assessment, empowerment, perspective & direction were all amplified in those moments. He knew that if He did not prioritize for those occasions, the peoples’ need would encroach upon His intimacy with Dad; and like a band whose drummer is unable to keep time, so His life would feel more like a song misplayed.

 Do you have spiritual rhythm? Do the demands of people or life cause you to regularly miss the, "down beat" for the Word and prayer? Develop a consistency in your, "going up" and don't let the crowds, "crowd out" your time with the Father. You and the Father could make some beautiful music together. Pray right, pray well…