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Does Your Walk Invite His Presence to Remain?

by Brett Fuller on December 31, 2018

John 1:32 has John the Baptist testifying about Christ saying, "I have seen the Spirit descending as a dove out of heaven, and He remained upon Him." Countless folks have been touched by the Spirit of God in some significant way. He has descended upon them for deliverance, healing, success in business & protection from harm. However, the manifestation of the dove on Christ was unusual in that not only did the dove land, but it remained. The “remaining” aspect of the dove should not be missed; for the slightest ill-timed movement is enough provocation for a bird to take flight. However, Christ's movements were so smooth & inviting as to make the bird believe there was no better place to abide.

How is your walk today? Is your “gate” a little, "jerky"? Are there thoughts you are thinking, words you are saying or deeds you are doing that make the Holy Spirit uncomfortable? Evaluate well your life and begin to practice the kind of movements that are continually accommodating to His presence. Live right, live well…