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Confidence in God's Provision

by Brett Fuller on October 04, 2021

In difficult economic days, we were to be assured God is watching over His own. Matthew 6:25-33 confirms that those who have a mind to seek His will before their own will have the privilege of seeing Him provide for their needs in wonderful ways. Though the shifting tectonic plates of economic instability might affect us, we are not dependent upon them for our provisional footing. The believer who is fully submitted to Biblical truth has, as his foundation...

  1. The person of the Holy Spirit guarding his well-being.
  2. The authority of Christ's immovable and eternal word upon which he can stand.
  3. An unbroken chain of the Heavenly Father's historical faithfulness to those whom He calls His own.

With that solid backing, every Christian should walk into the trying days free to think about other's well being above his/her own. May your confidence in the Father's provision help you to provide for those who have not. Live right, live well...