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Choosing to Change

by Brett Fuller on October 18, 2021

Generally, people get the kind of leader they deserve. A wise, discerning, Bible adhering group would not choose someone below their standards. Neither would a great leader want to lead a people unwilling to follow. However, disagreements do arise, and when they do there are five options:

  1. The people conform to the leader
  2. The leader conforms to the people
  3. The people decide to find a new leader.
  4. The leader decides to find new people.
  5. Both the people and the leader change.  

When you find your leader, how will you respond in the moment of discontinuity? While it’s easy to notice the "splinter" in the eye of the one with whom we have disagreement, may God give both the followers and the leaders the grace to see the "log" (Matthew 7:3) in their own respective eye. Lord help us all to choose #5. Lead right, follow well...