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Character vs Nature

by Brett Fuller on October 28, 2018

In Gen chapters 8-9, we read of the transition Noah was making from "ark dwelling" to land habitation. As the waters receded, he had difficulty determining how much land had reemerged from the flood. So, he sent a raven to get gather “signs of life”. The raven did not come back. He then sent out a dove. That dove returned to the ark with no indications that there was yet anywhere to rest. On the dove’s second mission, Noah was rewarded as it brought back a fresh leaf from an Olive tree.

In times of trouble, everyone wants to find a place of refuge. Thus, the church should have its doors wide open. However, once folks enter, leaders must be able to distinguish between those who want to advance the cause of the group from those who have their own agenda. The raven, being an omnivore, and thus was able to scavenge on floating carcasses. Its own desires blinded it to the purpose of its sending, it never returned. The dove however, being an herbivore was satisfied with the provisions from Noah's hand. It was only motivated by a desire to serve its provider and its fellow passengers. If you ever have to hire or deploy, please choose the right bird. Live right, live well…