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Blessings - The Proper Perspective

by Brett Fuller on December 03, 2018

In John 21 it was morning, and the disciples had been fishing all night, though unsuccessfully. Jesus appeared on the shore and shouted at them to cast the net on the other side of the boat. Following His instruction, the disciples netted the largest catch of their lives. This was at least the second time Christ would have directly helped them succeed in business. When the catch is brought in, Jesus turned to a jubilant Peter and said in verse, 15 "'Simon, son of John, do you love Me more than these?'"

Many commentators have assumed that "these", to which Christ was referring, were the other disciples. However, could "these" actually refer to the "fish”? Was Jesus asking Peter at the pinnacle of his fishing business, "Do you love Me more than My blessing?"

When we serve the Lord, He will bless that which we steward because He loves us. The key to a balanced Christian life is to keep His blessings in proper perspective. Do we love Him more than the blessing of success? May God give all of us the experience and privilege of properly answering that question. Live right, live well...