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Because of God's Mercy

by Brett Fuller on June 29, 2020

Judges 14 details Samson's first display of historic strength. In it he kills a grown lion with his bare hands. 

Samson's strength was to be used to deliver Israel from decades of Philistine dominance. On this fateful day, he was on his way- against his parents' wishes- to ask for a prominent Philistine lady's hand in marriage. Even though he understood aligning himself by marriage to the Philistines would complicate his calling, Samson was determined.

On the way to see her he encounters the lion. At first, he probably thought that this fortuitous encounter might be God's judgment on his poor decision- saying to himself, "Lord, I'm sorry! I should have listened to my parents!"

Mercifully, Samson cheats death as God's power enables him to rip "Simba" apart. God spared Samson that he might spare others.

Have you ever done something against all sound judgment, peered into certain demise, and been miraculously spared? If so, remember it was God's mercy who delivered you, and probably because He has destined you to help deliver others. Live right, live well...