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Assured Victory

by Brett Fuller on June 17, 2019

Judges 11 details the story of Jephthah - a man born to a highly dysfunctional family, and for whom no privilege was afforded. A skilled warrior, he emerged from these familial shackles to become one of the greatest leaders of his day.            

When an enemy nation threatened his homeland, Jephthah was chosen by God and the people to lead the army. Victory was assured, yet Jephthah was unsure. Doubting himself, his preparation and his God, he offers an unnecessary sacrifice in hope of cementing victory- his daughter.

Though literal human sacrifice is implied here, I don't believe such an event occurred. His daughter most likely became "wholly" the Lord's in the same manner as a "nun". The lesson...? Don't sacrifice your children on the altar of your career.

Victory has a price and it must be paid, but why over pay? Jephthah paid above retail to gain what he had already secured through preparation, Godly living and people's support. May your career choices not charge you more than victory costs. Hug your family today. Live right, live well…