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A Lifestyle Worthy of Praise

by Brett Fuller on November 12, 2018

Prov 12:8 says. "A man will be praised according to his insight..." The highest achievers don't get to the top by just noticing the obvious. They distinguish themselves by piercing the veil of the apparent and extracting the valuable from that which is invisible to most. Diamonds in the rough, wealth creation strategies, pre-Christians, the unplumbed athlete can only be discerned by people with unusual vision.

Paul in, Ephesians 1, prayed that the church would gain insight into the purpose for which the Father called her. If you would agree with Paul, God will open your eyes to see riches which you may have previously overlooked; and don’t be surprised if one of your greatest finds is the buried treasure on the inside of you. May God grant you the insight necessary to birth a lifestyle worthy of praise. Live right, live well...