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50 First Dates


Years ago, Drew Barrymore starred in the movie, “50 First Dates.” She played a woman who was tragically involved in a car accident that deprived her of all short term memory. Everyday thereafter was as if it was the day before her accident. When she becomes interested in a man, every date is a first date.

Memory allows our “now” to be full. It is also intended support future decision making. Without memory, we have no ties to our rich past and no foundation for prospective building. This is why Deut 8:11-17 says, “Take care lest you forget the Lord your God and… say, ‘The power and might of my own had has gotten me this wealth.”

Unlike Drew Barrymore, most of us have no physical problem with our memory, but we do tend to have a spiritual one. We lapse when new challenges block our recollection of how God performed previous miracles and we neglect to thank Him for His consistent provision.

Today, let’s remember who God is and what He has done so our relationship with Him doesn’t degenerate to another first date. Live right, live well…

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Thanksgiving is one of the greatest American holidays. Its concentration on the Pilgrims thankfulness for meager provision in desperate times is a reminder of how thankful we should be. Paul gives the same kind of reminder to the Philippians in Phil 4:6 when he says, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

Prayer is nothing more than proper communication with God. It can be done in the car, at church or on vacation. In fact, 1Thes 5:17 says it is to be practiced incessantly.

Since Paul believed the best recipe for prayer included thanksgiving, and since he also believed prayer is to be constantly practiced, then it seems there doesn’t exist a time in which we do not need to be thankful. May this Thanksgiving Holiday remind us of God’s goodness and our responsibility to be grateful for it. Live right, live well…

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