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Application deadline: April 14, 2024

Program Details

Hands-On Experience

You’ll be assigned to the Chantilly campus and paired with a staff member who will serve as your mentor while you gain experience.

Continuing Education

Group activities will be held on a variety of topics focused on leading and creating in a local church setting to stretch, grow, and equip you to succeed.

Get Involved in the Church

Each week, you’ll partner with your church staff to learn how to support and serve what God is doing in all departments, not just within creative.

Bible Study

Prioritize intentional time with God in the midst of a busy schedule by participating in a weekly Bible study.

Enjoy DC

Take a field trip with our team to visit the nation’s capital and see our current church plants, future sites, and pray over the city God has called us to reach with the gospel.

Frequently Asked Questions

We all have questions.
Get some answers before applying.

Is this a paid program?

yes, there is limited compensation for this position. 

Will I need to bring my own equipment?

If you have a laptop or equipment you want to use - bring it! You will have access to our cameras, software, and other equipment.

Will I be able to get school credit?

School credit is available for those who are interested. We will partner with your school to help you meet requirements.

How will I get around?

The majority of your responsibilities will require you to have a reliable form of transportation to and from the church, which makes a valid license and car mandatory for the duration of your apprenticeship.

Who’s eligible to apply?

The program is open to all who are able to commit to participate for the duration of the internship program.

Can I have another job while in the program?

Absolutely! But due to the nature of the program, it may require late hours on Wednesdays and last minute requests.

How long is the program?

The apprenticeship is a 10-week program taken in June through August which consists of In Person/On site days [ Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday]. Specific dates will be available upon application.

Still have questions?

We’d love to answer them. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Ready to grow in your calling?

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