Fall Festival Auditions 2020

Drive-Thru Fall Festival: "The Real Superhero" Auditions

Calling all actors and actresses! We're looking for 32 passionate, energetic, and kid-loving actors and actresses to present the gospel to hundreds of families in our community at our Drive-Thru Fall Festival: "The Real Superhero!"

On October 26-28, families will sign up for a 45 minute slot during one of the three days and drive through a series of ten stations where we'll tell the story of Jesus in Mark, all through an awesome superhero theme!

Auditions will be held on Sunday afternoons during the six weeks leading up to the production. The audition deadline is Wednesday, Sept 16th!

If you'd like to audition, here's what to do:

1) Review the roles and their requirements and choose a character that best fits!

2) Record a 30-60 second video of you stating your name, the character you're auditioning for, and acting out the script for that character.

3) Upload the video to this dropbox link and send an email to  letting us know you've uploaded an audition.

We'll be in touch in approximately three days after the audition deadline to let you know if you made the role or if there's a different capacity in which you can serve!

The Real Superhero: Audition Roles and Script

Show: October 26-28, M-W: 5:30-8:30pm (Please keep Oct 29, 30, and 31st open as we may add dates if necessary).

Rehearsals: Sunday afternoons, 1-3pm

  • Sept 20
  • Sept 27
  • Oct 4
  • Oct 11
  • Oct 18
  • Oct 25

Jesus - The Real Super Hero

  • Every superhero has their own specific super power.  Some can fly, some have superhuman strength, some have lasers for eyes.  What about Jesus?  Does he have any power?  If so, what does that mean for you and me?


  • 10 stations that walk the guests through the authority and power of Jesus through the book of Mark!


  • Jesus’ power over sickness - Mark 1:40-45 


(Jesus heals a man with leprosy)

Professor Asa (Ay-sah): Anyone 

**Modern day kid struggles- Fear of virus, Selfishness**

Backstory- Professor by day and superhero by night! With the power of being a supergenius, Professor Asa has the ability to look at any sickness and come up with a formula to solve it. Cancer, Diabetes, and the Coronavirus are just a few of the diseases that the Professor created a cure for. No sickness stands a chance against such an advanced mind! At least almost no sickness...Professor Asa has leprosy (a rare skin disease) and has been trying to develop a cure for years. While everyone views the Professor as a hero for curing so many diseases; in reality, the Professor’s efforts were all just attempts to heal leprosy. Professor Asa hears that the Real Superhero has healed a man with leprosy without a formula, just by touching him.

(Prof Asa frantically mixes concoctions and writes formulas. The Professor doesn’t see the drive-thru cars that pull up.)

“I wasn’t expecting you this early but that’s fine. We can start. 

(Holds one of his various beakers)

My name is Professor Asa. Let me show you a few of the highlights: First, my instant cancer-free potion! (grabs another beaker) Here’s another breakthrough… I call it, Diabetes be gone!  Now here’s the one that’s soon to make history… (grabs another beaker) the only known cure for coronavirus! (Grabs last beaker) But this one right here, this one, is still in development. I just can’t seem to find the right composition… 

(looks down at his/her arm then up to the beaker)

The cure to leprosy!


  • Jesus’ power over sin - Mark 2:1-13 


(Jesus heals the paralytic)

Port: white male

 **Modern day kid struggles- Overwhelmed by expectations, not ever feeling good enough**

Backstory-  Able to run so fast that it looks like he’s teleporting, Port uses his power to help people who are disabled by bringing them to doctors, hospitals, and emergency rooms at lightning speed. Port is a genuine person who truly wants to make the world a better place. He is active on social media, but not for the same reasons as most. He’s not after followers, but he is following the masses trying to figure out who he can help. Everyone loves Port and doesn’t hesitate to call him to ask for help. Port always says “yes.” He’s overwhelmed by everyone's expectations of him. One day, Port is so busy, he fails to take one of his paralyzed patients to his doctor’s appointment. He’s astonished to learn that the paralytic isn’t mad at him! The man was completely healed by… the Real Superhero! 

(Port schedules out his day, jots on paper, looks at social media frantically). 

“No, that’s not right. Maybe Donna first? Wait, wait, Carla! Carla to the hospital by 8am! No that won’t do… but what about Freddy? Ahhh, it’s not gonna work! Just too many people! Too many needs! Too little time! (Looks and sees the drive-thru car, suddenly changing his expression to a smile and his tone to upbeat) Oh, hey! Do you all need help? Where do you need to go?

Oh, don’t worry. I can help. I have superspeed. You know, the guy so fast they think I teleport. Sure it can be a lot, transporting thousands of patients to doctors, hospitals, and therapy appointments each day, but you don’t think I got the cool name, “Port” for nothing, right?


  • Jesus’ power over demons - Mark 5:1-20


(Jesus heals a demon possessed man living in the tombs)

Dr. Brain: African-American Woman

**Modern day kid struggles- Identity issues, self-induced pressure** 
Backstory-  Dr. Brain has the super-ability to add memories to people’s minds! All work and no play is Dr. Brain everyday! She’s fully devoted to her job, but that’s what’s expected when you’re a world-famous doctor. She has a 99.9% patient recovery rate. That .1% was this patient she had who lived in a tomb. No matter how many “good” memories Dr. Brain put in this guy's head, she still couldn’t cure him. She was getting ready to label the guy incurable when she got news that the Real Superhero had somehow found a way! The Real Superhero was apparently unlike Dr. Brain in that he didn’t heal by adding memories but by redeeming them. Shocked and a little embarrassed, Dr. Brain is committed to trying to find this Real Superhero to find out how he got his powers.

(Studying a brain scan-- sees drive-thru car pull up)

Oh, hey! Come on in! What am I seeing you here for today? Is this just an annual check up? (Pauses) Oh yes! I remember. How are those new memories we put in your brain last time working for you? Good, good! It’s amazing what my new memory addition superpower treatment can do! Now if we could only get rid of the bad ones you have right? (Looks back over his shoulder to the pictures).

I must admit that I, Dr. Brain, am a little confused. I mean, I had a 100% recovery rate for patients with brain issues, but he (long pause) he was my hardest patient. It got so bad, they said he had demons! (Pauses) 


  • Jesus’ power over death - Mark 5:21-24; 35-43


(Jesus raises Jairus’s daughter from the dead)

King Sengyong: Asian male

**Modern day kid struggles- Grief ** 
Backstory- With the power of longevity, King Sengyong has been king of his kingdom for a veerrrrrry long time. He has seen it all and is approaching the end of his life. King Sengyong is not afraid to die. However, he understands his time is coming to a close, and he is ready to pass his kingdom onto his heir. Then tragedy strikes. The heir to his kingdom (his daughter) passes away from a terrible sickness. The King’s is gripped with grief. All hope seems lost. But then, the king hears of an official whose dead daughter was raised back to life by the Real Superhero! Can this Real Superhero do the same for his daughter? 

(Sitting on his throne)

Come on in… but I must tell you, I don’t have much time. (Long pause) It’s been tough. But I know I need to be strong for my people. Being King Sengyong means being strong in times like these. (Pauses) I’ve seen a lot over my 15,000 years as king over Pen-wan-loun. I’ve seen the highs of many great financial times and the crippling lows of depressions. I’ve fended off countless enemy kings and queens throughout the millenniums. I’ve witnessed all sorts of diseases and natural disasters that have threatened my people. But in 15,000 years never has tragedy struck so close. My daughter, the heir to my kingdom. (shakes his head in disbelief) The doctor said it was just a common cold. It proved to be (long pause) much more (pause) deadly. 


  • Jesus’ power over weather - Mark 6:45-52


(Jesus’ authority over the winds and waves enables him to walk on water)

Miss Element: African-American woman; preferably tall 

**Modern day kid struggles-  Hurt, Victim of injustice**
Backstory- Raised by parents who served as judges, Miss Element was taught to follow the rules. “Justice will ALWAYS prevail” is what her parents would say. Until one day, Miss Element’s parents lost their lives when someone committed a crime. Tragically, justice is not served, and the criminal is released. As a result, Miss Element is so full of anger that she sees the world in black and white. (She’s missing the element of mercy). If you look suspicious, then Miss Element uses her superpower to create storms to stop you. So when she sees a group of men, a tax collector, zealot, and fishermen in a boat, she assumes the worst. She sends a storm to stop them. What she sees next, though, changes her life. The Real Superhero walks on top of her storm, on top of the water! Instead of stopping these men, he… gets in their boat? 

Whoah, whoah, whoah… not so fast! What’s going on? Why are you here? Can I see your ticket, please? Ok, ok, you’re good. Sorry, it’s just that there’s so much evil in this world. Speaking of evil (she looks out into the sea)... Do you all see who’s in that boat? That group of men over there! There’s a... a... it’s hard to even say the word... a tax collector, Matthew. You know the guys who steal from the poor for their own gain? And look in the back of the boat… it’s the radical Simon the Zealot.. A man bent on violence, looking to overthrow the government. Then these fishermen, do you hear their language? So foul! If they think they’re going to get away with this, they have another thing coming! 


  • Jesus’ power over creation - Mark 8:1-13


(Jesus’ compassion for people causes him to take 7 loaves of bread and a few small fish and turn them into a feast for 4000 people. Jesus has authority over even the basic needs we have such as hunger and thirst to take care of His creation.)

One Touch Wonder: Anyone

**Modern day kid struggles- Moved by poverty**
Backstory- One touch is all it takes for the One Touch Wonder to turn uncooked food into nutrient rich, cooked food. Growing up in the slums was not easy. Even when his mother and father were able to scrape up enough money to buy rice from the market, they had no running water and no electricity to cook the rice. Poverty was the norm for “One Touch Wonder.” Now an adult with a strong passion to solve world hunger, “One Touch” gets very little sleep. He goes from slum to slum trying to help. There's only one problem. While he can instantly make unprepared food become ready-to-eat, what about those who don’t have enough uncooked food for him to instantly cook? If only there was a way to turn their little into a lot like this Real Superhero he recently heard about... 


Ok, next in line, come on up. Ok, how big’s your family? Any allergies we need to know about? Any dietary restrictions? Ok, no worries. We’re on it! (Talks in walkie-talkie) Rob, need one big box, lines six and seven. Over. 

Guys, I know it’s a tough time right now. Lots of stores closing. Businesses shutting down. Lost jobs. Which is the reason why we decided to keep this food pantry open right now. 

(Places food box in between both cars) 

I’ve used my superpower to prepare these myself. You see, they call me One Touch Wonder because I can take any unprepared food and prepare it in an instant with one touch. I’ve travelled the slums of the world taking their uncooked foods and preparing nourishing meals to help solve world hunger. 


  • Super Hero in You? Mark 10:13-15


(Receiving the kingdom like a child)

Forcefield Girl: (teenage girl, preferably shorter, any race)

**Modern day kid struggles- Loneliness, Self-worth**
Backstory - Growing up in a house where your parents are always too busy with work is no fun, but that was Forcefield Girl’s reality. Raised by a single mother who was always too busy with her “grown up duties” to pay attention to her daughter, Forcefield Girl grew up feeling like an inconvenience. This caused her to despise her name, Forcefield Girl. She wishes she was called Forcefield Woman instead.  Her identity issues even trickled their way into how she fights crime, viewing children as an inconvenience. She sadly only protects adults with her forcefield. Until one day when she encounters the Real Superhero who says something that flips her world upside down.

Whoah, whoah, don’t come too close. Are there kids? Yep, there are kids in the car. You know the Real Superhero is too busy right now. He doesn't have the time for children. He’s got people to teach, people to heal, and miracles to perform… he’s got nooooo time for the likes of those little people in your car. Go ahead, go get some toys or something… go play with your bae blades or hatch-a-moles or these teddy bears over there. 

Ughhh… I really don’t want to have to do this…. You know my name is Forcefield Wom__ (speaks softly) Girl. Ok, don’t say I didn’t warn you. (bends down, one foot in front, one in back, and lifts her hands with every ounce of strength, creating a forcefield around the cars)


  • Jesus’ defeats the grave - Mark 16:1-8


(Jesus rises from the dead)

Titanium Man: African-American man; preferably tall and strong

Backstory: Wielding the power of superhuman strength, a name like Titanium Man is fitting. Titanium Man was on his way to roll away a massive stone for three of his clients. He arrives at the tomb early, but the stone is already rolled away! Confused and a little embarrassed, Titanium Man begins to go through the options of what could have happened. After considering various scenarios, he determines that the Real Superhero must be the Son of God. If he can rise from the dead, then he can help all of the superheroes. He can help every Drive-Thru Fall Festival child. Titanium Man wants to pray with every child to receive the Real Superhero, Jesus.

Are you guys with the Marys and them? I promise you, I didn’t do this! I didn’t move the stone! I got here and it was already moved away like this. But who could have done this? I mean this stone weighs over 4000 lbs. That’s why you all had me come, Titanium Man.

(Strokes chin as he thinks deeply) The Marys are saying that after the Real Superhero died on a cross three days ago, he rose from the dead! That an angel moved the stone away. That the Real Superhero overcame death and is the Son of God!