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Crisis, adversity, grief and recovery are transitions that one may face in life. The Care Ministry provides love, support, and the proper assistance to GCC members during their greatest time of need.

  • The Bereavement Team
  • Grief Share Team
  • Military Outreach Team
  • Meals-On-Wheels Team
  • Cancer Support Team
  • Live Well Team
  • New Baby Team
  • Advancing through Adversity Team

Each team provide a distinct point of care. Nonetheless, we co-labor together to serve those in need. For further details on services rendered, please take a moment to view each team’s bio. 


The Bereavement Team serves GCC members who have an immediate (father, mother, spouse, sibling or child) death in the family. The Bereavement Team will be available to assist primarily in the area of making phone calls, providing meals, accompanying them to the funeral home for support and prayer, and serving at the repast if it is held at GCC.


The Grief Share Team provides monthly fellowship and grief support for GCC members who are recovering from the loss of a loved one.


“Honoring Those Who Serve Our Nation and Supporting Military Families”. The Military Outreach Team provides support to our military members, deployed civilian personnel and their families. This team is comprised of active military, veterans, military families and those who have a heart to support the military. We meet monthly for fellowship, send care package to our deployed members, and conduct outreach to military organizations in the Northern Virginia and Metro DC area.


The Meals on Wheels Team provides meals to members of GCC that are in need of assistance, due to a death in the family, a new baby, illness, surgery and life adversities. Meals are purchased fully cooked and delivered to members that are in need.


The Cancer Support Team comes alongside survivors, people experiencing cancer, caregivers, and family members to uplift them as they are going through their cancer journey.


1 Samuel 25:6 – "Say to him: 'Long life to you! Good health to you and your household! And good health to all that is yours.' " The Live Well Ministry Team encourages and promotes one’s health of body, mind, and spirit, through our Heavenly Father, by prayer and education for our church family and community.


Celebrating the birth or adoption of a new child is both an honor as well as a life changer. The New Baby Team is here to provide the guidance that you need. In addition to providing a welcome home gift to members and regular attendees with newborns, the New Baby Team offers Much wisdom in regard to parenting skills. We draw not from experience alone, but from the knowledge of hundreds of parents who have successfully navigated the challenging aspects of parenting.


Many transitions in life bring forth adversity. The Advancing through Adversity Team hosts a bi-annual, Bible-based study, teaching GCC members how to advance through adversity, by walking in the wisdom of God.


If you would like to schedule a Pastoral appointment please email us here

Our Pastor-on-call, 24/7, phone service is used for emergencies.  Please note that this is not intended as a counseling hot-line or prayer request line, but is a service provided to support those in a real emergency; i.e., someone is suddenly hospitalized, a close relative has died, or any other sudden life-crisis that is requiring immediate pastoral attention.  Contact us at (703) 318-7073.  

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