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Share The Good News

This gospel message needs to be preached. People need to know they can be free from whatever binds them. They need to know that walking with God ensures victory through life's circumstances and that eternal life can be theirs.

We Christians have the greatest news in the world, yet are reluctant to tell it. Fear of reprisal, insecurity and lack of confidence all factor into our reticence. Paul overcame his frailty by understanding the eternal hope which resides in the good news of Christ. He realized that the hearers of his message would soon get over their resistance being overcome by the overwhelming hope this good news provides. On that basis he said in 2 Cor 3:12, "Therefore having such a hope, we use great boldness in our speech..."

Don't let the frailty which besets us all hinder someone from hearing the message of hope which heals their heart, unlocks their shackles and allows them to survive death. Be bold in your presentation of truth so others can live right and live well...

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Longevity of God's Favor

The discipline of the Lord is a constant. If we sin, His correction is palpable and even sometimes painful, but never without mercy. However, His rebukes are not the umbrella of His disposition toward us. Ps 30:5 says when He corrects us, "...His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for a lifetime..." The Hebrew word for "moment" (Heb. "rega") means, "suddenly" or "instant".

God's favor is intended to envelope our lives. It is a shield (Ps 5:12), a pathway to provision (Ruth 2:13-17) and an attendant of our history (Ps 23:6).

So, when you find yourself under the discipline of the Lord, remind yourself of how short a moment can be. Next, contrast that against the longevity of God's favor and what it will do for you. This conclusion derived should definitely help you to live right, live well...

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