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Anointing of Joy

Anointing is the application of God's grace allowing us to live supernaturally and address our world with power. Heb 1:9 says of Christ, "You have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness; therefore God, Your God, has anointed You with the oil of gladness above your companions."

Christ's love for righteousness and hatred for lawlessness allowed Him to experience an anointing of joy unequalled by His companions. This elation helped Him rise above the accusations of the religious elite, the short-lived love of those He healed and the desertion/betrayal of His disciples. Just one of these unaffirming realities is enough to send most Christians into a downward spiral of discouragement. Yet, Jesus being impacted by their combined sinful response, was not negatively influenced by it. He retained His anointing of joy!

Zoloft and Prozac may be required in certain circumstances. However, obedience to God will stimulate the anointing which in turn will unveil inestimable joy. If you want to live well, obey...

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An Unnecessary Treaty

Deception is an insidious enemy. It never makes a frontal attack. Often its operating procedure is to lure its victim by identification or capitalization on some point of empathy.

In the city of Gibeon (Josh 9) lived a people the Israelites were to dispossess. Its inhabitants heard of Israel’s great God and what He had accomplished. Knowing they had no hope of winning in battle, they concocted a scheme that made them appear to be from a city not within the scope of Israel’s acquisition. Joshua, without seeking the Lord, agreed to an unnecessary treaty.

The enemy is shrewd. He will use any method to gain access that his influence might increase. If he can’t win head-on, he will woo the compassionate with inordinate need, the wise with intellectual prowess and the inquiring with intrigue. Once a foothold is gained he moves in to stay. He knows the power of God in you and is reluctant to engage it. Don’t let him deceptively come in the back door. Live right and live well…

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