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Suffering for His Sake

Of the many gifts of God for which we need to continually express thanks— salvation (John 3:16), life and godliness (2Pet 1:3), the Holy Spirit (Act 2:38)—the one which gets oft overlooked is the endowment of suffering. Phil 1:29 says, “For to you it has been granted for Christ's sake, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake…”

It is not best to separate the privilege of believing in Jesus from the gift of suffering for Him. Suffering for Christ is enduring persecution, from those who are enemies of the cross, in order that others might come to know Him. Although it seems foreign to couple suffering with endowment, Christ’ granting us to share in His suffering is the primary door opener to us sharing in His glory. Rom 8:17 says, “…(we are) fellow heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him so that we may also be glorified with Him.”

So, when you feel persecuted for advancing the cause of Christ, let the painful experience prompt you to wait for the resultant endowment of glory which will remind you why it is very rewarding to live right, live well…

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Under Construction

Noah was an amazing man with an equally amazing family (Gen 6-8). He was tasked with building a watercraft the size of an ocean liner; and doing it one hundred miles from the nearest body of water large enough to float the boat. With only his family as helpers, it took over one hundred years to construct.

God being displeased with Man was planning to destroy all flesh and start over with Noah, his family and a few animals. The “ark” would be the refuge from the devastation to come. As the deluge began, God secured the inhabitants by closing the door. Everyone in the ark was buoyed above the judgment and after a year’s journey they docked safely on Mount Ararat.

Today, God has called His people to build His church. To many it seems as irrelevant as Noah building his boat miles from the nearest sea. Yet, God has a way of “awakening” folks to the necessity of His construction projects. Let’s pray that people see that value in God’s structures before He closes the door. Live right, live well…

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