New Life

New Life in Me!
You’re here because you’ve recently made a decision to follow Jesus! Congratulations!

You might be wondering why this decision is so important:

The Gospel is the good news that our great God looked at the fallen and broken humanity with compassion and sent His Son Jesus who lived for us, died in our place and rose victoriously defeating sin, death and the grave to mend the infinite separation that stood between God and us.

Trusting completely in the good news of grace embodied in Jesus brings us immediately into new life with God and eternal life with Him forever.

Now that you’ve made this important decision, I’m sure you’re asking “What now?”

We would love to connect with you!


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Below you will find other strategic next steps to help you grow as a follower of Jesus here at Grace Covenant Church. 

Let the Journey Begin!
We want to walk with you in this exciting and sometimes messy journey of following Jesus. Want to sign up for Discover Discipleship? Have questions? Need to talk to someone? Please email us at or call the office at 703-318-7073.