Life@Grace Online


Welcome to Grace Covenant Church!  We’re glad you’re here!

This video series, Life@Grace OnLine, has been designed for you—to help you know who we are at Grace Covenant Church. We have two goals in mind for this series:  

  • First, to give you an easy-to-use and informative introduction to Grace Covenant Church: something of our history as well as our beliefs, our core values and our mission. But don’t worry! You won’t find this long or dull! Each of these sessions is brief—most are only about 20 minutes—and you can watch them at anytime you choose.   
  • Second, Life@Grace OnLine serves as the doorway for those interested in becoming members of GCC.  We understand that you need to know something about our character and our purpose before you can put down roots in this spiritual family. This series will help you jump in!

L@G-Online-Session-1-The-Vision-of-GCC L@G-Online-Session-2-What’s-In-a-Name
Session 1: The Vision of GCC
Session 2: What's In A Name?
L@G-Online-Session-3--Beliefs,-Core-Values,-and-the-3-E’s- L@G-Online-Session-4-Encountering-Christ,-Pt.-1-Understanding-the-Gospel
Session 3: Beliefs, Core Values, and The 3 E’s
Session 4: Encountering Christ Pt. 1:
Understanding The Gospel
L@G-Online-Session-5--Encountering-Christ-Pt.-2-A-Converted-Life L@G-Online-Session-6-Experiencing-Community
Session 5: Encountering Christ Pt. 2:
Understanding The Gospel
Session 6: Experiencing Community

Session 7: Extending The Kingdom