FAQ - Children's Ministry

 What efforts are made to create a safe environment for the children?

 When families arrive they will check in at the children’s connection center, if a first time guest, one of our connection team members will assist is getting your family added to our system. During Check-In, you will receive a nametag for each child, which shows your child’s full name, age, class/grade a parent’s cell phone number, and a security number. The nametag may also list any allergy concerns or special needs. This security code is printed on both the child’s name tag and parent tag that you keep until dismissal. During dismissal, you must present your parent tag to your child’s leader. They will check to see that the security number on your child’s name tag matches the security number on your parent tag before releasing from the classroom. This security number tag system allows us to maintain a safe environment that transcends knowing parents by name or face and we can approach complicated custody situations in a sensitive way, etc.  If you lose your receipt tag, you will need to go through an I.D. check with a CM staff member.

When do children get promoted to the next class? 

Promotions for the preschool and elementary classes happen on the first Sunday in July. Children in the Nursery and Toddler classes enter these classes at the specific age range established any time of the year: Nursery is for children ages 6 months. To 20 mths. and the Toddlers class is for children age 21mths. – 35 mths. For the preschool 3s, 4s, and 5s class, children that are the age specific by September 30th will be assigned to these classes and will be promoted to the next class during promotion time the first Sunday in July.