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A Forward Looking Perspective

by Brett Fuller on May 05, 2019

In Genesis 45, Joseph had been in Egypt about 15 years. By this time, he has come to terms with his brothers' treachery. He forgave them for faking his death, lying to his father & selling him into slavery. He restored them to himself and developed an extraordinarily redemptive outlook on his past. He also made preparation for them to come to Egypt and live in a manner to which they were unaccustomed. They would have the best property, provisions and protection. No desire would be withheld.

However, in sending his brothers to inform his father of his well-being and to bring Jacob to live in Egypt, Joseph realized that the conversation on the way home could become contentious. "'How are we going to explain this to dad?' 'Judah, this is your fault.' 'You had the idea to sell him into slavery.' 'Yeah, well you all wanted to kill him- my idea of selling him, saved him!'" To promote a forward looking perspective Joseph tells them in verse 24, "Do not quarrel on the journey."

In light of how Christ has forgiven us, restored us and blessed us beyond measure, this counsel would be a wise addition to our journey through life. Live right, live well…